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Internet Explorer 8 x64 Torrent

Internet Explorer 8


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Internet Explorer 8 is the most popular web browser from Microsoft. Almost everyone has used several versions, and you can be sure all websites will support it.

Is new functionlity not IE 8 brings Internet Explorer 8, has two main new tools: one is Accelerators (previously known as Activities) and the OtherIt is Web Slices. The first one gives you direct access to various online services just by right-clicking on any webpageor in tekstovopodchertani. For example, you can search for a word, Petaalamat or do a search with the words marked. The main drawback is that all options inimenggunakan Microsoft Windows Live service, which means you’re stuck with mereka.Mengenai Web Slices in Internet Explorer, this is a tool that monitors changes and updates RSS style for the selected site and notify you of them. It comes in very handy for detecting promenimalkowhich can not be diikutioleh RSS, without the need to visit this site: offers an online auction, the value of shares, cuacamaklumat many lagi.Selain two tools, Internet Explorer 8 also includes many new features that are attractive. One of them, “the proposed site, suggests a new website that mungkinMereka not know about, based on your browsing history.

Homecoming open bar menuAntara Internet Explorer 8 has not changed that much compared to older versiyatapo, except oneA small detail; menu bar and appears by default anymore. Moreover, everything is in place: Alamatpita again face atasantara and Favorites are accessible through drop-down menu.

Protection of confidentiality and security andaInternet Explorer 8 includes InPrivate Browsing, Internet Explorer release, Chrome incognito mode popular. While InPrivate Browsing is enabled, the browser will not store data, including cookies, history and temporary Internet files. Security, Internet Explorer 8 includes the SmartScreen Filtercalled, which prevents you from entering fraudulent websites and protects you from phishing in talianpenipuan.

keputusanInternet Explorer 8 is truly a step forward and proves that Microsoft is working hard to offer more selamatpelayar compatible and adaptable.

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